Monday, April 17, 2017

These light Afflictions

I miss my grandmother. A lot. As far back as I can remember I talked to her just about everyday and we would talk about everything from school, to work decisions to what color lipstick I should wear to my next dinner date. She was a woman and a mentor; a girl and a sage. I miss having someone I could always call who would always answer and would always respond to my thoughts with my best interest at heart without fail. So now, in her absence, I am smiling in celebration that her soul has transitioned beyond her achy knees and unreliable heart while simultaneously sulking because I don’t have her words to comfort me everyday when I want to be encouraged.

So when stuff happens, I feel abandoned because I don’t have my Trusted to talk to me. To position herself comfortably in the bed to either emphatically agree with me or hum softly in disapproval. Instead, I hear her words in my memories. Instead, I have to close my eyes and reach into my imaginations to remember the texture and tone of her voice. If I am careful I can experience them as they were because truthfully, they are still on my mind. Still answering questions and lending me solutions.

She didn’t abandon me. She prepared me.

Everything she needed to say she already said.

Today ladies, as we talk and as we listen, let’s remind ourselves that everything is as it is supposed to be at the time it is and even in the difficulty we are fully equipped to handle everything we face, be it pain or pleasure, exactly as we are.

Be your own inner peace. Be your own encourager.

Be beauty for ashes.

1 comment:

  1. These messages are always such an inspiration for me as I read, and always right on time.  

    She has surely equipped you efficiently, and whether your aware or not,  the wisdom she's bestowed on you, transcends to others (myself especially). 

    Thank you for these words.  Thank you for sharing her wisdom.  Thank you for being a positive reflection of WOMAN.  

    LOVE YOU,