Sunday, June 1, 2014

The ministry of motherhood invites you to be grateful

Yesterday my children woke me up 630 in the morning and I wanted to curse. It was Saturday and my only morning joy is to sleep late. So, after an hour of unsuccessfully falling back to sleep I decided to get up and get some errands done all three children in tow. At some point of my frustration with their questions, bickering, loud playing and running into places they did not belong I started to yell when a small voice interrupted me saying "there are women wishing they had this kind of problem". There is such a thing as a good problem. More business coming in than you have employees to manage. More closet space than you have clothes to fill it. The Ministry of motherhood, with all of the stretch marks, sleep deprivation and sorrows that accompany it, is one of those good problems. And when embraced and evaluated against the opposite of motherhood we truly begin to realize that it's completely worth it when we work it. When I think about the seasoned women I've met who worked motherhood well and are now grandmothers and great aunts of children now adults who reminisce about summers spent and dinners cooked. Mother's who spent years pouring encouragement, wisdom and unconditional love into their children and the children around them who are now cared for and honored by communities of people who's lives she residually touched by the sacrifices in her own. The legacy of life that begins in a womb and spans through generations beyond her passing; Saturday morning dreams pale in comparison to the children who interrupt them. Today ladies, when you and your children are moving through the days routine and you find aggravation building in your chest, take a deep breath and be grateful for that moment. I can certainly introduce you to a few ladies that wish they had you specific problem. Be beauty for ashes.

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