Monday, June 20, 2011

The hierarchy

Behavior therapy teaches us we can condition subjects to pursue secondary reinforcements in the place of primary reinforcements because value is learned. No one needs to learn that eating to relieve hunger is rewarding, yet we can learn to pursue money to buy the food that meets the primary need. In the elapsed motion we utilize in our individual pursuit of fulfillment, we expend our most valuable commodity; our time. And as primary to our existence our time is to us, most of us, if not all of us, have to learn to place real value on our time. Contrary to what Mr. Franklin may like to think, time is so not money. We can't steal time, we can’t borrow time. We can never regain once lost. If we blow it, there is no biweekly cycle to replenish our metaphorical account. Realistically speaking and contrary to what we think, we can’t truly save time, because every moment is still coming, we can only decide what we will do when it gets here. Education doesn’t open up more doors for more time. Conservation doesn’t present us as wise stewards of our time. No matter how much we give to others, the gift is still used by the giver and if we waste it, we will have something lasting to show for it; regret. We all have a certain amount and at best, our goal can be to recognize that our purpose is lived out not in what we think of ourselves but how we prioritize every 24 hours to pursue the things that reflect those thoughts.

Today ladies, consider your time budget and ask yourself if the transactions leave behind footprints that represent the legacy you wish to leave behind.
Be beauty for ashes

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