Monday, April 11, 2011

Because I can

When I would be grounded as a kid for a weekend, from Friday after school to Sunday night iron Monday morning’s school clothes, I would think so hopefully about all of the things I would do next weekend because this one was taken from me. I was full of plans and excitement of how wonderful it would be when I could get my weekend back. Knowing how miserable I was when I couldn’t do something always made me appreciate what life would be like when I could do it again. But the appreciation would always wear off until the next time my freedom to do was taken from me. As an adult when I was broke, I would think about everything I would do when I had a few dollars. When it rains, I think about how much I will enjoy my time outside with the kids when the sun comes out. Under the false pretense of lasting thankfulness, as a culture and as a species, our human condition predisposes us to an innate under appreciation for what we have, until we don’t have it anymore and we need to keep not having to keep renewing our thank you for the blessings.

Today ladies,

When you are upset about your misbehaving children, think about the woman who can’t have any.

When you are disappointed because something came up and you can’t put as much money on that bill as you originally planned to, think about the woman who has to beg the utility company to keep her services on.

When you are too unforgiving to let go of your righteous anger at your other, think about the widow who just lost her husband and friend.

Today ladies, let’s just be grateful for what we don’t have to endure. And smile because we can.

Be beauty for ashes

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  1. Such a good reminder to be thankful in all situations. I like your blog and look forward to reading more encouraging posts. Thank you for being obedient and writing them. :)
    Amanda Conrad