Friday, March 25, 2011


I inherited a frown in my genetic code. So did my daughter. A lady said to me “If you smile at her she will smile at you”. So, to appease the nosy lady, I started smiling and baby Zion started smiling too. It was a fake smile though. Life was real at that moment in my life and really lady? I’m not in a smiling mood. One day, I decided that my smile would become my permanent expression because it was so pretty on baby Zion; I wanted it to be her permanent expression too. But, unlike a baby I needed something behind it to make it last. I started to focus on the bright things, started listening to comedy, reading for inspiration, working out. Life didn’t stop being real around me, but I was laughing and smiling at a right thing inside and eventually, I realized, life doesn’t end because I’m not worrying about what’s going wrong. I have the strength to control me and there is something powerful about strength under control. When we funnel the strength of our emotion into conscious, deliberate action we affect not only ourselves but regain the second wind we need to get in there and change in the situation. There will always be poor people, and just the like there will always be people unable to turn their frowns upside down. Unable to make happiness in the little things. Unable to harness angry emotions into passion for solutions. Unable to use their energy for their progress. Not unwilling, UNABLE.

Today ladies, be able.

Laugh at a joke, smile anyway.

Decide to choose joy over sorrow.

Be beauty for ashes

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  1. Add this one to my list of favorites!!! Simple thoughts, yet good thoughts. Thanks for sharing.+