Thursday, March 17, 2011

Like, Whatever!

I’m not one of those people that are too cool for every and anything. I’m affected. I cry, I laugh, I get really excited, I get nervous; I get overwhelmed, I get angry and I get mad. I indulge the multiplicity of emotion that cross my path so that when I speak, according to a personal soul experience, it is from a genuine place of empathy or encouragement. When we get so scared and burnt out to care anymore we stop feeling our own emotions, we can’t feel for others and ultimately become ineffective. Certainly we aren’t special to keep it trapped in our own minds. We have creativity and energy to enrich ourselves and the world around us. If we build an impenetrable wall around the space in our hearts that is intentioned to feel, we makes our Care so super sensitive it ceases to function and ultimately, we all become mauve, blank canvas.

Today ladies, remember its ok to feel. Feel and be felt. It’s an amazing feeling! 

Be beauty for ashes.

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