Monday, March 7, 2011

Bad Girls Club

I used to be a tough girl. As I’m changing, at times I find myself feeling like a sucker! I feel like people are getting the best of me, taking my kindness for weakness. My quest for a submissive spirit in my marriage; translation door mat. Not going off and giving it to people right where they gave it to me, neck twisting and all, translation weak. The intensity of my hot ears and insulted pride send tremors of frustration through my skin and tears to my eye. My smile often feels as though it’s straining my face because the tough girl in me is so used to wearing the “step off” frown. The me that I strive to be is so unlike me it’s physically uncomfortable. As I am being transformed, a far away place in my mind reminds me that the goal of the change is to be Christ like. Thankfully, today I was reminded to “be still and know that I am God”. That short phrase written on a page was a wink across the shoulder. The “ I got this” right when I needed to know that as long as I’m not popping off, something greater and more amazing is showing up within me.

Today ladies, if your wondering if the difference in you is making any difference, just stop, take a deep, be still for two seconds and know, He got your back!


  1. Woohoo. Good one. As I was reading, I found myself saying "That's me" after every sentence. Lol. I was once the nice peacemaker; a quiet, reserved little girl but when I got tired of feeling like a 'doormat' those days were over. As an adult, I'm constantly struggling to be a lil more passive and 'control' my approach. Its a battle, with myself; but a battle nonetheless. Sometimes I lose and sometimes I win. However, because I was once that person, I refuse to give up knowing I have it in me. So I'll continue to fight my way to victory. Although I'll miss the 'satisfaction' of 'giving somebody the business', I know there is greater power in things left unsaid.

  2. Thank you for your reply. It encourages me when people reply because I know that I am getting my message across.

    It is a much stronger person that will not that the person that will because the person that will not is the epitomy of strength under control.

    In the multitude of words sin is not lacking,
    But he who restrains his lips is wise. Proverb 10:19