Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gifts of Freedom

If I have an opportunity to give a gift, I’m completely thrilled about it. Around birthdays and holidays, I literally have to wait late in the season to purchase gifts because, if not, I will give my present up before the appointed time. The greatest impacting experience we can ever seek to have on another person is genuine love. If we desired to be at personal peace and in our most effective state of mind, impacting everything and everyone around with everything that’s great about us, as apposed to living into a confirmation bias against us, we have to communicate in a language that communicates love. In my life for so many different reasons, I wish I could be like most people and put on a smile when I’m in pain or say yes when I mean no but a characteristic about myself I pride and fall on is my inability to not be exactly who I am. When we find ourselves in the predicament of knowing our weaknesses we have to counteract them with our strengths. Now for me, the compliment on my earrings I just received may have been your affection of love. Luckily for you, I was so angry with you yesterday… you just earned yourself a star bucks gift card! Now, I’m smiles!

Today ladies, pay your self the price it takes to love. The return to you is freedom.

Be beauty for ashes

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