Friday, October 15, 2010

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The other day I was reading my twitter time-line and one of the celebrities I follow tweeted “All the water in the ocean cannot sink a ship unless it gets inside”. This was the first time I had heard this quote and I thought “how lovely. So true, so simple.” A day later, I heard this song on my Pandora radio and I felt so much emotion well up in my chest. How true, how simple. How polite of this song to remind me of what I live for. How de-complicated would my life be if I really lived for my purpose. If we know the job we are hired to do, if we know our ultimate goals for this time in our life, if we define what our purpose for living is, if we know Who we belong to, we can become small yet insurmountable vessels sailing in the sea of difficulty we call life. Certainly, not without turbulence, but nonetheless un-sunk. The princess doesn't forget that she is royalty when she visits the market place and neither should I!

Today ladies, remind yourself when the noise of life is so loud it seems unbearable, you have the right not to let it get inside of you.

Today ladies, you have the right, take back peace of and quiet of mind.

Today ladies, I challenge you to be un-sunk by the noise.

Be beauty for ashes.


  1. I so needed that....thank u

  2. Hello my Sister,

    As I read this post, I asked myself:
    As a Christian man, am I living in the freedom to which Christ called me to live?

    Am I focused on the journey or the turbulence?

    Do I acknowledge that I am a member of a royal priesthood?

    For the first time in my life I believe I am walking in my purpose. It may seem (to some) that I'm going nowhere fast, but I'm undeterred. I've discovered God really does love me and He wants me to appreciate and acknowledge the joy He's given me; to recognize that I've been liberated and empowered to achieve the vision He's given me.

    When you say, "I challenge you to be un-sunk by the noise." -- I accept that challenge with joy and gladness.

    God is looking for those who are willing to allow Him to demonstrate His grace, love and power through them, that others my see and give Him the glory.

    Great post that inspires!

    Blessings and peace.


  3. WOW!! This was right on time for me. My mother has been in the hospital and my sister and I have been taking care of her, our familes ...just a lot and I feel so overwhelmed at times but God is good and He doesn't give us anything that we can't bare.

    Peace and Blessings!

  4. @ MTJ

    I'm so glad that as a man, you are ministered to through this blog. Please keep reading and commenting, I to am encouraged everytime someone can be impacted by my writing.

  5. We forget but only for a moment my dear. It is not us who "defines what
    our purpose for living is" but God has already done that for us! See how
    good God is! We just have to ask him what it is HE wants us to do,
    right?! First and foremost, we are created for HIS sole purpose and for
    SERVING; so, let us hop to it my dear sister and brother servants!