Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's day

Father's day and Mother's day are bitter sweet for me. I try to reach back and remember good times of when I was a little girl but even the process of reaching brings sorrow that the good memories are so far away in time. I can recall so vividly the pain I experienced and how painful it will be when, regardless of how perfect I want to be, even if I don't do anything but die, my being and everything I lack will pain my children in some way one day. Everyone that lives falls off some pedestal to someone at some time. During the fall, the person that experiences the most pain is the architect of the image, standing on the ground. When we build people up to be unbreakable, we are only building perceptions that will break our hearts. No best friend, husband, mother or father can ever avoid being less than perfect. Equip with this epiphany, we have to place our hope and faith in the only place there is perfection, for the threshold for failure is too low for mankind to reach the mark. Love them when they fail because their failure is a part of the whole picture that makes them real and there is nothing more real than learning how to love real people; not the people our minds tell us people should be. When we can actualize this concept, we can be so open and grateful for what we have, where we are and who should take the credit for everything we never needed and were able to blossom without.

Today ladies, look at yourself. You had 75% less than what you thought you needed and gave this life your 110... I guess you can smile after all.

Be beauty for ashes.

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