Sunday, May 9, 2010

My mother's day prayer

Lord, I ask that you forgive my unsubmissive heart and rebellious mind. I ask that you forgive me of my disrespectful ways and prideful thinking. I ask that you would forgive me for my carnal words. My self-righteousness. I understand that I must humble myself and remember how I have fallen short and required you hear my cry and forgive me. I want to acknowledge my sins. Forgive me Lord for seeing myself as un-wrong in the matter. Help me to bring a spirit of real humility into my life and be better instead of bitter. I have learned that you have brought me through some stressful, anxiety ridden circumstances that only lead to you making your way into my life and building more of you into my life. You alone have fortified me. You have been just and faithful always toward me. You have had tender mercy toward me and I don't deserve it. Forgive me for my bitter and unforgiving attitude. Give me the strength to lay aside myself and be a sacrifice, a willing and glad sacrifice to glorify you with a humble and forgiving spirit.


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