Tuesday, May 11, 2010

like water for chocolate

One of the things I remember learning from my sixth grade language arts teacher is the concept of voice. Voice, in literature, is the writers personality and feelings coming through in the back drop of the story. I never had a problem with voice. As a matter of fact, not only would I strive to inject voice into all of my writing but I would strive to hear voice in anything I read. If I'm upset, happy, cynical, introspective, whatever it is, it comes through when I speak or write anything. When we speak, give advice or tell a story, what is the flavor we season our conversation with? Do people read a bitter, broken hearted girl or a gentle, spirit filled woman of wisdom? We can manifest the voice that comes out of us by determining the words we allow to be in our hearts and the state of mind we abide in when we choose to speak.

Actually, we have to decide who's voice is going to manifest in everything we do and everything we are.

Today ladies, remember who you represent.

Now, speak.

Be beauty for ashes.

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