Friday, May 14, 2010

It's Time!

Relationships stink! Drama with your boyfriend, drama with your girlfriends, drama with your husband drama with your kids. The people that are supposed to love you and protect you seem to always hurt you the most with staggering consistency. As soon as one person stops, it seems like the another person starts and the only way to escape it all is to leave everyone alone or spin on a carousel of revolving relationships. But what then? Become a serial dater/ best friender/new employee or better yet a bitter old maid with an empty voice mail box. We are emotional creatures and we are supposed to enjoy the beautifully sweet elation deep interpersonal relationships can bring. We crave the euphoric intoxication we seem to breath in when we delight in the memory of those lovely feelings we give and receive in relationships. If we rely on the actions of others to dictate what we are allowed to feel in our own bodies, we are required to be guarded; protecting our chest from the heaviness of disappointment when they don't live up to the hype and take their inevitable fall from grace. It's truly not of question of if, it's a matter of when. Relief begins the moment we realize we don't need to look at them for the feeling, because the feeling belongs to us! The happiness is not continent on what they do because it's not about them. It never was given by them, they were just a vessel. When we look through them and to God, he will give us the feelings He created for our pleasure and then, we can celebrate because now we know, we never have to live without them again!

Today ladies, Celebrate, to feels soooo goood!

Be beauty for ashes

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