Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's Complicated

The first day I wrote for this blog, my words were a mere reaction to a conflict I was struggling through in my life. I was writing to myself, getting my frustration out, venting my feelings with friends. The feedback received was inspiring. It was the first lesson that one, my hurt wasn't only experienced by me and two, my reaction and attitude toward the pain was designed to encourage someone else. We all believe our stuff is so complex and impossible. Mr. Reality says; we are all struggling and its not easy for anyone. If we live to see tomorrow, we know this too shall pass, yet we need to remember that it's only worth it to us if we bear under the pressure beautifully. It isn't enough to pass through, but to endure with quality to be able to say we have met the challenge is our goal. We lose when we give in to bitterness and break under the weight of emotion baggage. The irritations of life are never easy to suffer, however, I am confident that if we keep turning these ashes into beauty together, the wisdom we reap will establish a valuable string of perfected pearls.

Today ladies, remember pain endures for but a night, but you can make the shine last forever.

Be beauty for ashes.

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