Thursday, May 20, 2010

Greener on the other side

I want to plant a hope garden in my backyard one day. I often gaze out of the window at my over grown grass and imagine the beauty of this amazing Asian inspired garden I will one day create. My grass is so horrible though, it should be a discouragement. It grows so high and so fast every summer. It dies and patches every winter. It always repeats the cycle, like the cycle of people. Miserable, joy -draining people have a season where they are always around sucking the life and fun out of everything. The weather changes and for a while we get a reprieve where things are quiet and they are no were to be found. And then, at some point, they always come back, if not them, someone else to take their place. Some start off like beautiful, promising friendships, like the dandelions I didn't know were weeds at first. Some are ugly and obvious distractions that we can't avoid being irritated by like crab grass. Despite the situation or presentation, we still have to maintain our composure, whether we are standing in an endless country field of foolishness or in a brief patch of turbulence under the tree that grows in Brooklyn. We are called to be holy, because God is holy. And in our posture of dedication to the service of God, we will find our peaceful green pastures.

Today ladies, fret not, they will all soon wither away.

It matters not what other say in ridicule or fun, I want to live that I may hear Him say to me “Well done”- Beers.

Be beauty for ashes.

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