Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Got Love?

Take this quiz..... 1-13. For every question you answer YES, give yourself 1 point.

Write your score at the bottom of the page

Answer honestly now... ready....set...go!!!!!!!

1)Would you say that you are easily excitable, annoyed or quick to complain?
2)Do you avoid helping out or can sometimes be inconsiderate?
3)Do you find yourself secretly hating on other peoples success and possessions, especially when you deserve it more than they do?
4)Do you brag when you have an amazing accomplishment in life?
5)Even if you don't say anything, do you secretly have a high opinion of your own credibility, appearance or talent?
6)After a long day, can you sometimes be impolite or a bit unmannerly?
7)Do you look for ways to make a situation you get involved in be an opportunity to benefit you in some way?
8)Are you short tempered?
9)Would you say your motto is “I will forgive you, but trust me, I will never forget this!”?
10)Do you love a juicy piece of gossip about someone you don't like?
11)Are you less than likely to come to the defense of someone you barely know?
12)Do you find it impossible to rely on or have confidence in others?
13)Do you think its foolish to believe things will turn out for the best when there is no proof?

OK, now it's time to tally your scores....
IF YOU SCORED 1-13.... Your love is lacking!

Love is:
not envious
not boastful
not proud
not rude
not self seeking
not easily angered
doesn't keep a record of wrongs
rejoices in truth, not evil

You can always tell a Zebra by it's stripes. If we want love and have love, we must always be love. Love is not based on our ability to show these attributes toward people we know, or to display them when we are in a good mood. Our love barometer is truly measured by how frequently we show there characteristics to anyone and everyone.

Today ladies, take the test and see if you got love.

Be beauty for ashes


  1. Well, I guess I didn't pass the test because I got one YES; but, I will continue to lift it up before my God who loves me with an everlasting love! Actually, our test of love is greater against those we know well because we tend to be comfortable and will not watch necessarily what we say and/or do whereas we will with someone we're either just meeting or don't know as well because we're on our Ps and Qs with them initially! We tend to allow those very familiar with us to push our buttons and then we retaliate with a vengeance if we're not careful. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. Cast all your cares on HIM for HE cares for you!

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  3. This post was inspired by my devotional key scripture "By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another" John13:35. The primary focus of this post was to encourage everyone to consider that others come to know Jesus through our actions/lifestyle, not just being an Evangelist or doing church work but how we show Christ's love daily and consistently. I would agree that it is difficult to maintain a good attitude around our friends and family because we allow them to push our buttons. But in spite of how we may respond to those people in a time of frustration, we usually have a chance to make it up (although this is not always the case) because they are close to us. For the most part, if we have a Christ filled walk, I think that our closest loved ones know we know him because they see a lot of the fruit in our lives, even if we slip out of character when we are frustrated. I certainly agree that regardless of how we feel we must strive to be loving at all times because that would be most Christ like. I don't think everyone realizes that it doesn't only apply to people we already like and know. We have to show Christs love to people we don't have any feelings for. The people outside of our circles that don't see our daily walk and who don't know Jesus must come to know him by the love that we show. I can't say that this is more or less of a challenge, but the purpose of the test was to make us aware of how we are doing with it either way.

    Thanks for always commenting...keep em coming... If you know anyone that may enjoy the blog, forward the posts and keep the conversation going. I would love to interact with others.