Monday, May 3, 2010

The Balloon Effect

I love to be extremely specific with the way I use and hear words. The beauty of language is that when you dig into the definitions of words, you can really demonstrate a clear picture of your thinking when you express yourself. This weekend, as a woman prepared to sing a song, she defined magnify. She said “to magnify something is to enlarge it. If you enlarge the place of God in your mind, his presence in your life will begin to blot out some of the other things we let overshadow and consume our energy”. As she spoke, I started imagining the concept of God blowing up like a giant balloon, pushing aside all of the other things on my mind as it grew in size. The exercise was so powerful I could hardly sing the song. How many things are ballooning in our minds, consuming all of the space and energy in our lives? Is it a relationship, a fight with a friend, or the seemingly unyielding financial struggle? Is is something exciting like a wedding plan, a business venture or a well deserved vacation? Although we have all been guilty of it, none of us can say that obsessing about the things we let be big in our heads has profited us, yet anyone who has ever run to church in a difficult situation knows how freshly invigorating it feels to place God in a position to consume our minds. It was just that quick, during that moment I allowed it to happen, God resumed his rightfully place on the throne of my mind, that everything else seemed to fall into place.

Today ladies, close your eye and watch the balloon effect at work.

Be beauty for ashes

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  1. This is an awesome concept that when put to work REGULARLY would surely
    help us "put aside those sins/weights that so easily beset us"! What a
    soul-winning idea! Imagine when going around to evangelize, we told
    people that we have this "SPECIAL" life-blotting out enigma! Of course,
    as humans, we would find some way to mess it up just as Adam and Eve did
    when they had perfection/PARADISE/GARDEN OF EDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You sound like you do like I do - vividly picture in my head! The only
    trouble with me sometimes is that I can get so taken and caught up with
    that main idea that I forget the person is talking for a while before I
    come back to where I actually should be. I hate when that happens
    especially in a particularly interesting
    message/speech/sermon/song/whatever. Does this make sense to you? As
    Pastor Nate would say, do you follow me? LOL