Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Today I wrote a letter that was long overdue. We all have been guilty of not wearing the shoes we require others to walk in but in this instance, I was flat out wrong. I never felt the ignorant comfort of justification, but still in all, for so many reasons and excuses, I never took responsibility for the damage I caused. When we try to hide our sins behind time, we eventually realize that the stains to our character don't have a statute of limitation. Although we would like to pretend that our better self is no longer responsible for our old self, the reality is our lives are written as lived and at any moment the story we scribe can be told; revealing us as villains or heroes, depending upon who’s reading what and where. Although the stories we live, once written, can never be edited, a riveting plot twist driven by our own appeal for forgiveness can turn a quietly kept hypocrisy that threatens to discredit our end into a happily peaceful closure that opens doors to new beginnings. Regardless of how it is perceived on the other side, we can process forward with a clear heart and a noteworthy amendment.

Today ladies, about face to your older self. Review her story, the true story, and choose to change the moral for a better end.

Be beauty for ashes.

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