Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry

Yesterday morning I woke up late, with pain in my back and plans on my mind. I was so thrilled about my little projects, checking my schedule and doing my calculations for this brilliant project I'd hatched on my quiet drive to work. This morning I woke up in perfect health, no pain, with nothing on my mind besides the perfect irony of what a difference a day makes; none of what I'd planned yesterday being important or even plausible today. We plan and plan, prepare and prepare. It's almost predictable how consistently things don't work out that way. A different woman would be sad today, disappointed, caught off guard and feeling betrayed by the changes I have to now embrace. A wiser woman today feels a subtle, quiet peace. She not only knows but believes that the master of the universe has taken the wheel, once again, and the new goal is to find new purpose in the new plan.

Today ladies, although its not what you originally intended, participate in the divine intervention and enjoy the ride!

Be beauty for ashes

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