Friday, September 25, 2009

Visual hygiene

When I was in undergraduate school several years ago an eye doctor explained to me that unnatural stress on the eyes and the mind inevitably leads to retinal pathology. He prescribed that periodically, after a stretch of intense studying, I should gaze out a window for visual hygiene. There is something truly cleansing about gazing into the blue of a morning sky; particularly on a gray day. Above all of the advertising that seeks to influence your psyche, at the tips of the trees that stretch up to rest at the bottom of an endless sky, lives something cathartic. It is always peaceful and confident; harmonic at the pace it should go, content with its direction. No matter where you wake up and find yourself, it is always consistent in its purpose and will always offer you the soothing massage of its quiet melody. Listening to the sky can bring even the most rebellious thoughts into submission. No matter what your destination or day may bring. No matter what hearts are broken or left behind. The grace and power of the sky will always be waiting for you tomorrow.

Today ladies, loose yourself in the sky.

Be beauty for ashes.

1 comment:

  1. I find that I am at my calmest and most peaceful when I looking into the sky. Great observation! Have a blessed day, fellow sky gazers.