Monday, September 14, 2009


Don’t you just love those plot twister movies after you find out the end? I know I do. The absolute best part for me is when I watch the movie again, now knowing the end, because now I can see all of the foreshadowing the writer gave. The end seems so obvious the second time I watch and the details that were overlooked or misinterpreted the first time make so much sense and echo the talent of the writer the second time. We limit ourselves when we refuse to revisit for the deeper looks. Sometimes we need to add some things to ourselves to go right back to where we started from and get it better the next time., what our eyes and knowledge couldn’t grasp the first time was only the tip of the ice burg and required wisdom that can only be gained through experience. There are things in the image that we didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t and shouldn’t see for lack of understanding, immaturity, foolish pride, and everything else that gets in the way of us being better. When we feel frustrated that we keep looking at the same experience and repeating a difficulty challenge in our lives, instead of aggravation, we should strive to adapt our appreciation for films to the sound stages of our lives.

Who says there are no second chances

Today ladies, be kind and graceful in your second chance.

Be beauty for ashes.


  1. That is why I love art in all forms...paintings, music, poetry, movies...they are never ending wells of revelations and meaning...and so are our lives. Very nice post.

  2. i really like this one. its so truee. i need to learn that