Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I want it all

“If you run with the footmen and they have wearied you, then how can you contend with horses”

We all want to advance. Better, bigger, more, rich. We want a better social life but can’t make time to call the two friends we already have. We want a bigger house but are exhausted trying to keep our apartments clean. We want more money but can’t manage to live within the means we have. We want a prince but don’t know how to talk to our frog. If the peons across the cubical have you stomping around with plucked nerves, hanging up “I’m too blessed to be stressed” posters, how will you maintain graceful stamina under the grinding pressure that comes with big window offices? How will you smile through the corporate politics of business men? If we struggle to manage our thousands of dollars a year, how will we manage accounts for the multi-million dollar business we desire to own? To whom much is given much is required and I hate to break it to you but more doesn’t make it easier. Every step we have taken forward has reinforced this principle. Everything we thought would come to make things simpler, only makes everything more complex. The worst failure is when we take on more than we can bear, simply to fail because we are overwhelmed and unprepared. We need to focus on this moment of orientation and be grateful we have a change to digest this process for a smooth transition into the next.

Today ladies, be a learner, it is your lesson that you might be prepared for your test.

Be Beauty for ashes


  1. Now that was right on time!! Amen!

  2. This post touched me alot because I always want to achieve more, its just in me...& I typically meet any goal I set before myself...but where I differ is I don't need these things to MAKE ME WHO I AM or to CONTROL MY HAPPINESS...and I think that is where the big difference comes in...but it has definitely gave me food for thought cuz I want to start a business next year, & you have to be able to live within your means now in order to manage the "big window"...so this was right on time!!!

  3. I used to want more before I matured in Christ. I quickly realized, if it's for me, I will have it (if it's in HIS will) (even Lenny Williams sang about that - remember)! The problem comes when my will does not line up with HIS will! (ouch!) Leave all the worry and stress to HIM. HIS word says in I Peter 5:7 "Casting all your cares on HIM, for he cares for you!" Try it, I think you'll like it! Mz Marietta