Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Organization is such a beautiful thing! A stack, a list and a file is such a quick fix that can tidy up and simplify some of the most complex tasks. The clutter in our minds, are even, at times, best addressed if we just talk it out into an action plan. But what about when that doesn’t work? What about when no matter how many times we review the data or get another opinion, the answers are no clearer and the pain becomes even more apparent? As we grow, we have to embrace organization in a grander sense; a sense of living purpose where by varied experiences function together to contribute to the whole. Some problems and sorrows are functions of the whole and will never be resolved through rational problem solving. No amount of listing or strategy will ever account for the endless amount of unexpected events that seem to foil even the best laid plans. As we face life we must consider each experience as a step on a journey in an organized path. If we live long enough to grow wise we should begin to understand that this grandiose scheme progresses us toward something our youth can only hope to earn its rights of passage though its loss, over time. In the meanwhile, we need to find peace and consistent faith through support and relationship. Girlfriends gathering around food, music and laughter. Prayer circles filled with tear, emotion and hope. Conversation in a garden filled with the grace and peaceful wisdom of an older woman. Sorrow left untamed can swallow the liveliest spirit. But in our relationships we are held accountable to everything we are and requires us, by force and fate, to recall ourselves to ourselves; transforming confused, hurt, immature energy into understanding, perseverance and peace.

It is what it is ladies, and that’s exactly what it’s supposed to be.

Today ladies, no matter what the FDA says, laughter is still the best medicine.

Be beauty for ashes.


  1. Laughter is the best medicine!

  2. I read it earlier this morning and was called off to a mtg then went for
    my walk/treadmill then had another mtg this afternoon that lasted around
    3 hrs. I'm just about beat.

    I said all that to say, that's why I'm just replying now. Thank you for
    reminding me that clutter is VERY stressful; so, I'ma clean up my desk
    at work and TRY to finish organizing my house in some kinda order.

    This was good for me. With clutter, you can't really remember what ALL
    you need to do either...

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  4. It's time we cleaned that clutter off our minds before we get fully messed up .We need to approach toward the positive to be clutter-free. This made interesting reading..