Monday, August 10, 2009


Remember “gifted and talented” classes in grade school? I can’t help but admit these classes did seem to comprise some of the most intelligent people I remember knowing, always grouped together. Gifted became AP classes in high school and Honors in college. As we became more separated, we would sit, now proud and pretentious, mocking the “regular” people for their inability to master the education system as skillfully as we could. Shamefully, I admit, I was a participant. As I integrated out of the classroom and into the real world, I quickly realized that the way I pontificated for sport in my small world of academia was a practice swiftly condemned by the everybody-elses. All at once my once thought to be specialness became a negative anomaly; leaving me to feel isolated. What does it mean to be talented or gifted? What happens to a person who has a gift and is so segregated by it that they become proud or equally worst, ashamed of it? It wasn’t until I got Saved that the gift of understanding truth was a part of me that didn’t make me proud but made me humble. “God chooses, specifically and exactly, who he wants to understand his word”. Wow! That’s a different perspective. Seeing this vantage point in my mind as something special that I should not assume should be apparent to others but feel blessed that it is so apparent to me was a new concept. What the world makes proud and shamed the spirit makes humble and responsible. As our individual specialness comes to the surface and we continue the battle between the flesh man and the spirit man we need to be courageous to walk in our gifts with confidence. If we are obedient to the spirit, grace will cover us and those things that set us apart will be the very things that set us free.

I never wanted to be the only gardener, planting and sowing seeds alone. I trust that I have found my Companion on this journey.

Today ladies, embrace that which sets you apart and allow yourself to be immersed in it with quiet courage.

Be beauty for ashes.


  1. ... i'm feeling that. we all are diff and special and the Godly confidence is what will help us to live with our seemingly strange traits and view them as strenghts

  2. When I grew up (that was sometime ago), there were no talented and
    gifted classes - everybody was in the same class whether they were slow,
    couldn't read or write; but, what happened to them was worse - they
    never graduated! They, the system, allowed them to go all the way to
    12th grade and never graduate because they didn't have a program that
    catered to their "special needs". Now, they're almost stigmatized.

    Thank God, our parents, grandparents and forefathers tried to teach us
    the humility of Christ which made me want to always boast for the
    underdog. I guess that's why I like teaching so much, it's so rewarding
    when someone who doesn't "get it" finally does come along and "get it"!

    God has fearfully and wonderfully made ALL of us; so, I have always
    basked in HIS glory of being HIS most precious creation. While I have
    not always acted like I am HIS and still don't sometimes, HE is gracious
    enough not to call me stupid when I sin over and over again - and HE
    never manages to say: "Marietta, what is it that you don't understand,
    this time?! It's the same as last time I told you; but, you continue in
    sin that my grace may abound?" I sadly must ask for forgiveness OVER and
    OVER again - even though I know I am gifted and talented/talented and
    gifted - whatever!

  3. I love that: fearfully and wonderfully made! Ever since the first time I heard an eccentric person say this, I've used it to describe myself to deal with the discomfort of being different. It gives being different a whole new, positive connotation. And I like how you said you are looking at yourself as HIS. Its so much easier to see talent in the palms of others as greatness and in our own hands as a burden. But, if we look at our differentness as a special gemstone belonging to God then we can begin to see it as something amazing and beautiful!

  4. You do realize that people who are "gifted and talented" have an
    intolerance for people who don't get it as fast as they do, don't you?
    It's like that before we come to know Christ and then after we're saved,
    it's like how dare I even feel or act like that toward another of God's
    creation! They are created how HE wanted them to be to meet their
    specific purpose for HIM! God makes no mistakes - HE has made us each
    unique in HIS own right and for HIS glory!

    Besides, it's just a blessing that HE didn't make me to be LESS "gifted
    and talented" - THANK YOU JESUS! (I probably couldn't handle it!)

    Also remember, patience is a virtue my dear AND God has a sense of humor
    - laugh in the moment of it!

  5. Psalm 139:14
    I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous
    are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.