Tuesday, August 11, 2009


“Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from the little things…I am tempted to think… there are no little things”
- Bruce Barton

People always say “love is in the little things”. More often than not, our relationships, be they romantic, friendships, or family are built and broken over the small gestures and petty misunderstandings. Stephen Covey, author of the 7 habits of highly effective people, tells us that our ability to effectively accomplish any task is a component of three parts: knowledge- the how to, skill- the ability to and desire- the want to. Although I agree very much with Mr. Covey, I would like to add a fourth dimension to this theory; the Spirit-or the WHO to. When we allow the WHO to become the most significant piece of the puzzle, we can transforms all of the underappreciated, taken for granted tasks we do into an up close and personal examination of our hearts. When we do everything for the WHO of the universe, we free ourselves to allow our validation to come from Him. Once we put the power of validation in the hands of its rightful owner, we are encouraged to enjoy all of the little touches of consideration that we know make the ordinary extraordinary.

Today ladies, do your most menial task like you are doing it for Him, I dare you to examine the difference.


  1. Funny, you should mention petty misunderstandings. My husband and I had a petty misunderstanding last night while our daughter, was on the phone, no less! It was so small but actually big …I have this hair that curls and I take medicine that seems to make me lose it everywhere so every time I just comb my hands through it, curls fall on the floor. Of course his hair is not curly; so, I can't even lie and say it's not mine. Not that I would. LOL! I had cleaned up some the night before and was cleaning up some more as he was going on his little tirade, seemingly never ending and I wanted to just say SHUT UP; but, then that's another argument, you know?!. I was going to go to bed and not say another thing to him… I was thinking: I don't care if you don't come in here.

    Then all of a sudden, the Holy Spirit convicts my heart so badly that I went into the room, he was taking his nightly medicines, sat and waited on his side of the bed until he was finished. Then I said, let's pray. He laughs of course like he wins, right?! We do a nightly prayer together almost every night. THEN he says you pray! We went back and forth about who was going to pray. Then I stopped and started praying silently trying to be a smart butt; but, the Holy Spirit convicted me AGAIN to just stop it and do right.

    My point is that God would not let me rest doing what I wanted to do! The Lord says don't let the sun go down on your anger and that's in any relationship; but, especially, your spouse! That's hard to do sometime. When I realized that I felt the hair was a little thing; but, it's a big thing for him. I am going to go home and be a little more tidy, shall we say. That way he doesn't think I take him for granted or that he cleans up in vain because God forbid that he should stop cleaning! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    By the way, after the prayer and him finishing watching his nightly sports highlights, he came in there. Hee hee, see so I still win. OK - God wins, not me!

  2. Yes, menial tasks and all tasks go to the glory of God! In all we do, do it to the glory of God!

  3. Selfishly because it's hot out there today and yesterday and because prednisone is my adversary in one sense (makes me gain weight) and friend in another sense (makes RA pain go away), I must press to the gym to even keep from gaining much less lose! It's a sad, sad battle. My metabolism has been tricked into thinking it can't speed up! So day after day, I fool it into thinking differently; but, show me it's not in vain somebody?!

    Then I read this blog about the "little touches"; so, I must do the little things to keep the relationship strong? To be proud of how I look? To be healthier and live longer for what? Is it that I feel I am extraordinary just because I'm me and God just did a good job on me?

  4. I think the biggest thing about it is effectiveness. How much more effective we can be when we put or motives into perspective. We don't have to be distracted by approval or whether or not our families and friends appreciated what we did. I can know how to do something, I can have all the ability and desire in the world to do something, but the next level is doing it like its not for me, or my husband or my friends, but for Him. I like to think about it like a performance. If I'm a dancer, I have the ability, talent and desire to dance. But, what I used to teach the girls in dance ministry is that we perform, full out, each time like we are the main event at a concert in honor of Jesus. How much more full out does an excellent dance dance when they dance, not for themselves or the audience, but for Jesus? So if no one claps, or gets the scene, its no less than perfect when our hearts are turned toward Him.

  5. How much more glory would God get if we would but treat everything that
    we do for HIS purpose and to be pleasing only to HIM not anybody else!
    To truly be used by HIM for HIM is an awesome experience. It gives me
    chills when I feel it happening or see it happening to someone else!