Friday, July 31, 2009


Have you ever realized you had people in your life and not understood how or why? The people we draw to us are an echo of something already in us. In psychology they say each person has a four part perspective of themselves: the part only we know, the part only others know, the part we and others see and the part no one understands. If you ask me, fifty-fifty odds are pretty poor if I get to only know half of me. A worthy goal is to expand our minds to include a knowledge of the areas only others see. I have a poor ability to tap into that part of myself. I am always amazed when people imitate me or tell me how they perceive me and frightened when I run into people from the past because I’m not sure if their recollection of me is still accurate. There is a wealth of influence gained in understanding how we are perceived by others. Although it is never recommended to conform to appease the opinions of the world, having outside sight of yourself creates a successful advantage in your ability to impact others.

Today ladies, take some time to visualize how the person you are talking to sees you and speak to them through that lens.

Be beauty for ashes.


  1. This is the truth!!!! I often find that people say things like "I didn't mean it like that" but it's perceived that way by others. We should really be mindful of what people see in us when we speak or act because understanding their perception could possibly contribute to personal growth.
    At this point in my life I am all for my personal improvement and growth!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very interesting! I used to wonder why people were in my life; but, as I've grown closer to God, I know the reason - it's for HIS purpose! It's not for me to like everyone that crosses my path; but, for me to learn from everyone that crosses my path whether I like what that person is about or not. Make sense?

  3. makes perfect sense. That's the point of today's words . There are parts of us that are hidden from us and we have to seek wisdom to understand. I believe that the psychologist are right when they say there is a component of us that we don't know. The bible says "the heart is deceitfully wicked, who can know it" that's the part we or no one can see only God can see. God doesn't mean for us to even judge ourselves because we will never be able to see all of ourselves. We just have to seek wisdom in understanding those things that impact us because they are there for our edification to impact others.

    Love love love that you get me everytime!

  4. I am just in a storm right now with my personal life and with business. This email was confirmation to a question that I have asked myself and God.. I am really trying to work on myself and not worry about others in regards to what they do…can’t change them…only myself. It is hard though and a learning process. I am also trying to have a closer relationship with God because I am learning just what it states in this very email about “ppl we draw to us are an echo of something already in use…”, this made me think, why not draw to the Lord so I can echo Him...He can shine throw me. I can go on and on because I am going through right now but I have decided to give it to God!! Thanks