Friday, July 24, 2009


My favorite season is definitely the summer. Bright colors, sexy strappy sandals, hot days made just for the pool. Do you love white Christmases in the winter, the colors of the fall or do you relish in the not-too-hot-not-too-cool sun of the spring? In the seasons of life, we can enjoy one season so much that we forget to prepare for the next one. When life takes a turn for the worst, we are left walking around in sandals in January and snorkels in May. We forget to prepare, learn, and pray for the season that is going to be cold and lonely or hot and heavy. In the rough times we need to remind ourselves that the rainy, party-pooping, mood draining days of the spring were a necessary for the beautiful bloom of annuals we enjoy all summer long. None of us would be the women we are if it weren’t for the painful seasons we have endured. The sad times, the tears, the painful, humbling experiences striped us of everything we thought we were and revealed something better. We only seem to see that afterward. We need to remember during the difficulty that everything that comes into our lives is specifically designed for our improvement.

Today ladies, no matter what season you are in, take this time to recuperate, recognize, and re-up.

Be Beauty for ashes.