Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I have a bad habit of zeroing in on my worst features when I look in the mirror. I stand there and before I realize, I’ve spent ten minutes picking myself apart. When we concentrate on the worst parts of ourselves, we have a tendency to concentrate on the worst parts of others. Even those who seemingly adore themselves are garbed in superficial cloches of vanity. Some of the most seemingly self absorbed people are in a constant state of competition, hunting for flaws to maintain a pseudo sense of superiority. If we all were to pay careful attention to our thoughts toward others, we will definitely draw a parallel in what our thoughts are toward ourselves. And just as we can choose what we see when we gaze into the looking glass, the mirrors in our lives are in the interactions we create everyday. Every relationship is an opportunity for us to look at ourselves. We can choose to take all the mirrors down so we never have to see ourselves, or we can take every opportunity to understand and see ourselves more clearly. Even the ones that only last for a season can give us a wealth of knowledge about who we are, who we were, where we lack and how much more we can grown.

I have a friend that looks at herself in the mirror in admiration. I’m sure she sees things she’d like to change. In the same way, she has this inspiring tendency to look at people and overlook, with an easygoing acceptance, their imperfections as well.

Today ladies, look at me, look at her, and see you.

Be beauty for ashes.

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  1. I also have a tendency to look in the mirror and only see the imperfections. It's a definite struggle for me sometimes to see the good things.