Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lights Cameras Action

You worked hard for this moment. You broke down every barrier, determined to succeed against the odds. You prayed and God blessed you with the desires of your heart. Now, it’s all on you! The hate or the heat didn’t stop you and now you are here. We can’t stop now, its show time. Everyone one is watching. Sixty percent of the onlookers are plotting your down fall. Forty percent are cheering you on. One hundred percent of the crowd needs you to succeed. It’s your children, your friends, your family, your community, your enemies, your frienemeies in the audience watching your every move. They need you to be humble, professional, wise, smart, bright, on point, and able to rise after a fall. They need you to be excellent. They need you to make it look possible. You got the world on your back. No time to decide if you’re going to be ready cause the spot light is on you. LIGHTS…CAMERAS… ACTION!

Today ladies, we rise to the occasion. Let’s get’em!

Be beauty for ashes.

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