Thursday, July 16, 2009


Our closest relationships will inevitably reveal our deepest intrapersonal fraudulence. And that is always a painful moment. First reaction; blame them. Second reaction, if you’re a woman of wisdom, realize we only betrayed ourselves. Trusting another person is only an outgrowth of how much we trust our own personal, professional and social integrity. There is freedom in integrity because no matter who doesn’t speak, you spoke so you didn’t participate. No matter who said what, you didn’t slander anyone so the blame is not yours. No matter what traps were laid, you remained collected and respectful so revenge is not your responsibility. You did your best and that was all you and God could ever require. The catch is you have to know this without a doubt. At the point in which we trust ourselves to do and say the righteous thing, perform at our personal best and raise the bar for ourselves each time, we can always be positive in the worst situation, resting assured that the Master is in control and the rest is in His hands.

Today ladies, function in the extent of your very best!!!

Be beauty for ashes

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