Thursday, July 2, 2009


Inertia is the name for the tendency of an object in motion to remain in motion, or an object at rest to remain at rest, unless acted upon by a force. This one word defines two completely opposite states of being, identical in nature. The people that are always getting caught up in something ridiculous because they don’t stop the madness and the people that are in a consistent state of complacency are in the same state of being. They need a force. What is the force inside you that empowers you to break the inertia? Whether you are stuck and unable to get organized and motivated or, your big mouth constantly has you barreling down a path that your inner spirit has already warned you was destructive, the antidote is the same. God left us with a beautiful source of power; a force, a fortress and a force field. The authority to stop, start and change.

Today ladies, let’s show the situation who has the clout.

Be the force today. If you don’t move, you won’t move. If you don’t stop you won’t stop.

Be beauty of ashes.


  1. I think that sometimes we give our stituation so much power over us and the reality is that it has none. We can change it most times by simply just....(wait for it)....CHANGING IT!!!
    How awesome is that? With this truth on our hearts we shouldn't wait until things change, we can start moving in the direction of change.

  2. OMG that is so true. And everytime me give the situation power we say, what is in us is not greater than what I'm going through. I'm am definately guilty of that.