Thursday, July 23, 2009


Every child is born with a unique and basic personality template. Through the journey, this basic canvas becomes painted or tainted, scripted and molded by families, friends, teachers, and environments beyond our control. As an adult, we inherit an opportunity to rewrite these scripts, creating new environments and experiences that reach far beyond the definition of our predetermined personality templates. We don’t have to be a neck rolling, don’t-hold-nothing-back woman. We don’t have to be a back-stabbing-can’t-get-along-with-other-females female. We don’t have to live in the neighborhood or the suburbs, but can own lofts in beautiful cities and vacation properties in Cancun.

We are equipped with the powerful paintbrush of self awareness. Have you chosen hopeless blacks, gloomy grays and scarlet reds? Or, have you chosen deep, wide ocean blues, bright happy yellows or outgoing oranges? No matter how limiting the circumstances and finances may seem, the colors in the template of our personality
are ours to choose and the possibilities are limited only by the capacity of our own wisdom and imagination.

Today ladies, daydream is vivid widescreen color!

Be beauty for ashes

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  1. This is like my 3rd time reading this one and Tiff you wrote it just yesterday! I love this one so much because it is speaking to me right where I am. I don't want to accept my current personality as the only “me” that I can be. I want to erase some things and start over with neon colored paint. I pick colors for my nails that are totally outside of the box of corporate America. I pick outfits and wear color fearlessly, but in my life I’m holding on to dark brown worry, navy blue impatience and warning red fear. Letting it go today!!!
    Worry, fear and impatience will kill me if I let them.
    Got to paint with Neon Colors!!
    Just Got to!
    Thanks for this.