Monday, June 29, 2009

Joy catcher

Have you ever met one of those people that never can tell when they are being insulted? One of those people that can hear a plot and only see the potential for a positive outcome? It’s like they have blinders on. They can’t see the real world! Funny thing is these people never seem to fail. Is there something remarkable about their ability to only get the good? The legend of a dream catcher goes that the dream catcher would only let the good dreams get through and the bad dreams would be caught in the net and dissipate in the light at dawn. I wanna be a Joy Catcher. Joy eats happiness for breakfast! Joy is the eternal STATE of happiness and felicity. Let’s filter joy out of everything that is thrown our way. Let’s hear the whispers about us and hear admiration. Let’s see the impossible as a miracle in the making. Let’s see our shortcomings as His strength in our weakness. Brush your shoulders off ladies, cause this morning, that’s the dust of all of the negative energy that dissipated in the light of dawn. Your Joy comes THIS morning!

Today ladies, Let’s be Joy Catchers!

Be beauty for ashes

1 comment:

  1. You have blessed me today and yes, I will be a JOY catcher today and tomorrow a peace catcher and next day I will be..... you get the picture. Have you ever written a book before? I bet you have a calling/gift to write inspirational books. Keep your messages coming. Have wonderful Joy catcher day.